Character Information
Native Name: ブービー
Other Names: Perman #2
Gender: Male
Species: Chimpanzee
Hair color: Brown
Skin color: Dark Peach
Nationality: Japanese
Habitat: Japan
Relatives: Unnamed Owners (2)
Friends: Mitsuo Suwa
Hozen Omaya
Character Background
Seiyu: Hiroshi Ōtake
Booby (Perman #2) is a character from the Perman series as well as Perman's sidekick.

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Although Booby is a chimpanzee, he is very clever. But he can't speak and often communicates using sign language and loud chitters. He also acts like a human even though he's a chimpanzee. His copyrobot color is orange.he wants to become a human so that he can make his uncle and aunt happy and listen to his problem as he is a member of perman

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