Suwa Mitsuo






Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 11
Hair color: Black
Skin color: Fair
Nationality: Japanese
Relatives: Mr Suwa (Father)
Mrs Suwa (Mother)
Ganko Suwa (Sister)
Aiden (Twin Brother)
Enemies: Kabao
Character Background
Seiyu: Katsue Miwa

Mitsuo Suwa (須羽満夫) is the main character in the series, Mitsuo is the clumsy 11-year-old boy chosen as the first Perman. Of the five known Perman, he has had the most close calls to having his secret identity made known (and his cover blown).

Appearance Edit

As Mitsuo he commonly wears a white shirt with green shorts. As Perman, he wears a blue helmet, red cape & P-shaped badge. His copyrobot color is yellow or white.

Personality Edit

He hates studying, being yelled by his mother, afraid of ghosts, injections, and cockroaches (the insects were once used in a scheme by the ZenAkuRen). He has a crush on Michiko and often quarrels with Pako. He is a big fan of the singer Sumire Hoshino, who, unknown to anyone, actually is Perman #3. Mitsuo seems to be very lazy sometimes. And, occasionally, he is quick to cry, even when he is Perman. He also has seasickness. he is very kind willing to help people in one episode he gave up being perman because not admired as mitsuo the ungifted boy and only as perman he is admired and love so he left perman but his love for people and the desire to help makes perman no 1

But despite all of that, he is a very kind person; putting others above him at some situations. He is willing to do anything to please others, which often end up with him in trouble. At times, he has shown some conflicted feelings towards Pako(Sumire in disguise), unable to express his feelings for her.

He starts hating Michiko in last chapter vol.7 and falls in love with Sumire.

His personality is very similar to Nobita in Doraemon.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Mrs Suwa Edit

Mrs Suwa cares for her son, but sometimes scolds Mitsuo for getting low scores on tests, not cleaning his room & stealing food on the refrigerator. In one episode, Mitsuo give not-so-bad score on test but his mom still disappointed making Mitsuo angry. Later, she realizes that Mitsuo put an effort to the test .

Ganko Suwa Edit

As siblings they are fighting each other. Mitsuo hates her because of her complaints to her mom about him. Mitsuo is doing payback to Ganko so that Ganko will not complain to mom. One of the paybacks is he likes Michico, which is later known by Ganko. So he cleans her room for her . Her mom always thinks Ganko does all the chores so she definitely praise Ganko rather than Mitsuo who actually cleaned her room.

Mr. Suwa Edit

He definitely does not trust Perman when he barges in the house drunk (Mitsuo accidentally drinks wine).

Friends Edit

Booby Edit

Booby is Mitsuo's favourite sidekick. They are loyal and friendly to each other.Sometimes they quarrel witch each other but that is minor.

Sumire Hoshino Edit

Mitsuo greatly admires Sumire as she was saw on TV screens. However, he don't know that Pako & Sumire are the same. He often quarrels Pako for somewhat reason. But eventually Sumire falls in love with Mitsuo, revealing herself to him at the end of the chapter.and mitsuo also falls in love with her. In "Doremon" cartoon series, she was introduced again . There she revealed to Nobita in a beach a locket in which there was Mitsuo's childhood picture. She said that at childhood, he went to far another world for some duty and Sumire still believes that Mitsuo would return someday or the other to her and mentioned that he was her best friend and love mate she had.

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